Structural Design Consultancy

LTC Engineering Group is a leading structural design consultancy dedicated to delivering innovative and efficient solutions for concrete structures and post-tensioned bridges. We leverage the power of ADAPT software to create highly optimized designs that are not only structurally sound but also cost-effective and sustainable.

ADAPT-Builder is a comprehensive 3D Finite Element Modeling (FEM) software specifically designed for the analysis and design of concrete structures, including post-tensioned floor systems.
it empowers structural engineers to create optimized and efficient designs for:
- One-way or two-way slabs: ADAPT-Builder handles both types of slabs, commonly used in buildings and parking structures.
- Post-tensioned slabs: It incorporates the unique behavior of post-tensioned concrete, allowing you to explore designs that utilize tendons to improve strength and reduce material usage.
- Elevated slabs: Design safe and efficient elevated floor systems for buildings or other structures.
- Foundations: Analyze and design concrete foundations to support the structural loads.

Benefits of Using ADAPT-Builder for Post-Tensioned Floor Systems:

Optimized Designs: Achieve efficient and cost-effective floor systems by utilizing the full potential of post-tensioning technology.
Enhanced Safety: Ensure your floor designs meet all safety requirements and can withstand expected loads.
Improved Decision-Making: Gain valuable insights from the FEM analysis to refine your design for optimal performance.

o Increased efficiency and speed of design process
o Enhanced accuracy and optimization of structures
o Improved collaboration and communication within the team

Overall, ADAPT-Builder empowers structural engineers to create innovative and efficient post-tensioned floor systems, leading to safer, more sustainable, and cost-effective buildings.